Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jacko's 8th Birthday

Jacko's 8th Birthday Party

AMF Bowling Morley
Well for Jacko's 8th Birthday Party we decided to let him pick five of his mates, and let them have a beaut time at the local Bowling center.

Here is Jacko picking a bowling ball up ready for his first time bowling, and for his first time he did a beaut job.

Mum with Jacko having a break during the bowling, he's been telling us all week how much fun he had. So yes it must of been a real beaut Party.... so well done MUM!!!

The man in action!

Two of Jacko's mates.

And yes the little fella just got up against Edward, strewth it was a close game but they all had a beaut time and that's all that matters.


And of cause what's a party without the party cake, not much! So it was cake time and from what I was told, it didn't stay on the table for long. And that was Jacko's 8th Birthday, and I can tell ya he had a real beaut time.

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